Iteaduino-BT is an Arduino compatible board with a master/slave Bluetooth Module HC-05. It based on Arduino UNO/Duemilanove, 100% compatible to its existing program and shields, but with the bluetooth wireless funcion. It's about 50% power consumption of the original Arduino boards. 


Basic features

  • Design for Bluetooth communication
  • Compatible with Arduino UNO/Duemilanove pins, holes and dimensions
  • Wide range external input from 7~23V DC
  • Pins out for Sensor and Servo
  • 3.3V/5V Operating Voltage selection


Digital/Servo Interface: D0~D13 pin

Sensor Interface: A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 pin


HC-05 operate mode set switch

There is a 1P2T switch for HC-05 operation mode set. When the switch is set on “DAT” side, the HC-05 will work in the data mode. When the switch is set on “CMD” side, the HC-05 will work in command mode, in this mode, Iteaduino/FT232R could send the AT command to centigrade the HC-05 module (Using Baud Rate 38400). To change the mode, you need to reset the iteaduino BT after you put the switch.


Communicate mode set jumper

There is a jumper to set the connections of HC-05. When the jumpers are set in B side, the HC-05 communicates with FT232R to USB/PC, when the jumpers are set to A, the HC-05 communicates with Atmega328P(onboard).



Microcontroller ATMega328P
Max Frequency 16MHz
RAM Capacity 2K
FLASH Capacity 32K
External Resources
  • Onboard Wireless
  • Electronic Brick Interface
Power Supply
  • External 24V
  • External 7V
  • External 9V
  • External 12V
  • USB 5V
I/O Operation Level
  • 3.3V
  • 5V
Board Size 75mm x 57mm
Model IM120411006
Version 1.1
Weight 45.00g
Accessories N/A



Datasheet (ATMEGA328)

Datasheet (Iteaduino BT)

Demo Code


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